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Male Traits That Are Important For Russian Women

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Men and women spend most of their lives trying to be attractive and interesting for members of the opposite sex. How can a man be interesting to a woman? What do women appreciate most in men? Many articles and books have been written on this subject. Every woman can give a list of those qualities that she values in a man. In some ways, these lists are different. But there are general qualities that any woman is ready to estimate, if a man really has them, and not only pretend that they have it. What qualities are important for Russian women – the answer you’ll find at russianwomenaddresses.com.


Important For Russian Women

  1. A man should be honest, open and shouldn’t be afraid to say the truth. Women are looking for open men. When they ask questions, and men are hushed up, hide, women naturally close themselves from men in response. Men also look for honesty and openness in women, so this quality is mutual and valuable for all people, regardless of gender. Moreover, the ability of a person to tell the truth is quite an important parameter, however sick and bitter it may be. Of course, you can understand that you will grieve another person with your own words. But it’s better to upset than deceive and even more disappoint when the truth finally becomes known. A woman will always be supportive of a man who speaks the truth, is honest and open, no matter how tricky questions are that she would ask him. The main thing for men is to keep calm: you have the right to be who you are, even if women do not like it. It is better to choose those who will appreciate your honesty, not your ability to hide and deceive.
  2. If the man promises, he should hold his word. It can be said that for some women this becomes an aphrodisiac, when a man gives her a promise and performs it. But, let’s back to real life. Modern women are increasingly distrusting masculine words: “I look only at actions, but not at words.” Women are increasingly confronted with the inability of men to keep their word. Women “love with their ears”, and men are unable to keep their word by not making them listen. And that man who is still capable of opening women’s ears by promising and keeping his word is good. A woman is not any nicer than a man who tells her what will later become a reality. So promise only what you can do, or do not promise at all – it attracts women more than idle chatter.
  3. A man should take the responsibility even if he doesn’t know what to do further. Perhaps, this is the most powerful manifestation of masculinity – the ability to solve any situation. When a man says: “Honey, do not worry, I’ll decide everything!” – After that he really solves the problem, here the woman is grateful. Moreover, a woman wants to have a child from such a man. There is nothing more attractive than the ability of a man to solve any life problem, even if he is afraid and does not know what to do.

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When a man takes on the responsibility to solve a certain problem, he tells the woman that she really can rely on him. As you solve the situation, you will learn. This once again proves to the woman that she can count on you, because you are not afraid of the unknown, risk, and this is the masculine qualities. While a woman is afraid and does not know what to do, you calmly embrace her and tell that you’ll solve the problem.

You learn if you need to learn, do not succumb to fear, if you are afraid, solve the situation, because it interferes with your happiness or the happiness of your woman. And believe me, this is much more effective for a woman than any gifts or flattering words, compliments. Here the man shows calmness, courage, determination and fearlessness.

  1. A man should give a woman the feeling of stability and protection. Confidence in a man arises when he never leaves a woman. He spends his free time with her, calls during the day, talks about what happened to him, does not go to another, etc. Stability with a man arises usually when a woman already lives with him, they are engaged in joint farming, are engaged in common affairs, etc. And protection appears with the understanding that a man can protect a woman both physically and psychologically. And the man first of all protects the woman from himself.